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Got the call today...the TFL PX EBR is gonna be done soon!

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Well after months of waiting,I finally got that long awaited call from LRB.Send us your bolt so we can headspace your barrelled action.woohoo!My TFL PX EBR is almost done!I call it that because everything but the Sage chassis i bought thru our PX.my original plan was to have this built on a SEI receiver and doing an all SEI build.just couldnt wait anymore and i guess if and when i get my hands on a SEI reciever i can always do another build with all SEI parts.although i dont know if it would be in a Sage chassis,but...you'll never know things always change...LOL,any way heres the rundown...

Receiver & BBL:LRB M25 w/ Criterion 18.5 Med.weight
Stock:Sage M39 EMR/EBR chassis in black complete w/stock extension
Bolt:NIW TRW stripped
Bolt guts:NOS w/chrome FP
Trigger Group:NOS TRW all Matching
Gas cylinder assembly:SEI GC,SEI Socom plug
FH:SEI Vortex DC
Front sight:SEI GLFS-H(OEF),would like to change this eventually to a XS USN hooded unit if i can find one.hint,hint
Rear sight:Winnie base,SA aperture,HRA elevation and widage knobs
Roll pin set:Echo Grunts kit
Spring Guide:Winnie
Bolt stop:SEI extended
Dummy switch:Hawks ECO button
I still need a connector lock,GC spindle guts,piston and a oprod spring.

Just happy to get that call,which gets these box O parts closer to being a built EBR.

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