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got me anouther M14 ?s tho

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I just picked up a new to me M1a SA inc. its in the 128### range it has a comm. bolt,op rod and trigger group. A SAK chromelined GI barrel,NM front sight(my second M1A I have bought like this, how many do they send off with this front sight?). It came with a third gen, SA inc scope mount and a GI bipod(yes i checked).

Now for my my question, why is the receiver have so many tool marks? was it a transition model? I have a 151### and a 140### and the have good machining on the finsih.
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The metal work often depends on which machinist was doing the work and if he was having a good or a bad day!
Yes, the front sights marked NM 072 are commercial made not USGI. Reference: Ted Brown.
Get rid of that .072 for a .062, you WILL notice the difference! Fulton Armory has them for fairly cheap.
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