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Got a new (to me) Rimfire

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I was at a local Pawn shop last week and noticed this M1 Carbine looking gun. Having a soft spot in my heart for M1 Carbines I asked about it. Turns out it is an Iver Johnson version of the M1 Carbine made in West Germany by Erma-Werke. Price looked right and so I walked out with it. Shoots really nicely and it could become one of my favorite rimfired rifles.
From what I understand the US gave the West German military a bunch of M1 Carbines after the war and these were initially manufactured to be used by the West German military to train in the use of the M1 Carbine, but used 22 long rifle instead of the 30 Carbine as a cost savings measure. Later these were exported around the world and in the US imported by several different companies including Iver Johnson.
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With big brother above...
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Take care of the magazine because they are pretty much unobtainium.
Yep, I have a new one on order, but it is a pricey little devil for all that it is.
All this talk is making me take mine with me to the range tomorrow.
It's a beautiful day in SE Texas and I think I'll take mine out and do a little shooting as well.
Great range session with the new M1-22. Shot well, but had an average of one stovepipes per mag. I'll be trying some different ammo to see if that makes any difference next time out. In the meantime, the little gun grouped very well.
50 yard group:
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100 yard group:
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I'm pretty happy with this little carbine.
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I tried polishing the feed ramp, playing with feed angles on the old mag, buying a new mag, so far no joy. Other than different ammo I don't know what to do.
I just ordered a bunch of different 22 LR's to see if I can find one that works well. I'll report back on what I find. Thanks everyone on the kind words.
I've got one of the Erma built ones. Yes, almost a .22 clone of it's "big" brother. Accurate, but prone to jamming, usually because of magazine. I still haven't figured out the formula for continuous jam free firing. Still fun, though.
I've been trying different ammo to see if it improves the jamming problem. The CCI Mini Mag 22LR has given almost perfect performance with only one stove pipe out of 5 mags. That combined with a good take down and cleaning seems to have solved most of my issues.
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