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Glock sights

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I just picked up a second G19, and the previous owner replaced the OEM sights with some aftermarket sights that I hate. I want to replace the sights with night sights, and I am looking for recommendations.
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I believe you can purchase Glock sights Here. They should have a variety of color and size options.GI5
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Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Are you looking for tritium or fiber optic sights? Personally I like tritium, and have heard good things about the Trijicon sights (a bit pricey though).
Sorry Dire88, not funny. Could have been malicious, and scared the pants off of me out of fear of picking up a virus, something I'm famous for at my former place of employment. You will understand if I don't follow any more of your links.
Did it just give issues loading or a warning or something? If you hover the link you'll see it's just a link to the Tupperware replacement parts order page.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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