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Glock sights

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I just picked up a second G19, and the previous owner replaced the OEM sights with some aftermarket sights that I hate. I want to replace the sights with night sights, and I am looking for recommendations.
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You can't go wrong with Trijicon brand sights. The one you described on the gun sounds like it may be the XS "Big Dot" front sight. A lot of shooters like them, but I'm with you on this.

I replaced the standard Trijicon sights on my Glock 30 to the Heine "Straight 8" night sights. They are a little bit taller, and the rear sight has enough steel and is a good shape for effective one handed slide operation. I like the ability to clear a malfunction by hooking the rear sight on holster, belt, boot, door frame, etc., and driving the weapon forward to cycle the slide and clear. Just something to consider. I frequently have something else in my opposite or weak hand like a flashlight, radio, door handle, etc. when my weapon is drawn. Not that the Glock has issues with malfunctions or anything, just a drill to practice to get the weapon back into a fight if needed. I remember searching google images to see what they look like on my model before I ordered them.

The others are spot on with the front sight change, but rear sights require a sight pusher to properly install. I borrowed one from one of our range officers, and it was easy to do. My Glock 19 rear sight is measurably left of center, but is aligned properly for 25 yards. Strange, but Glock 19's seem to share that amoung the older ones at least. Good luck with your decision.
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