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Glad to be here

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Hi All…
Thank you site moderators for affording me the opportunity to share my M14 experiences with members on this forum.
Although my background is not one of a military armorer, or machinist…through trial and error I have taught myself just enough to be considered a menace.
Ever since handling that first M14 in March 1968 (courtesy of our Uncle) I knew I had to own one. Applied for an FFL in 1971 and began retailing Springfield Armory M1A’s shortly thereafter. Thought $297.50 was expensive and they would never sell….I was wrong.
As time passed and I became more knowledgeable of the platform, I got the urge to build a better mouse trap. I felt that the M14 receiver design could not be improved upon…but adherence to the blueprint could. During mid 1990’s an opportunity to manufacture genuine forged M14 receivers presented itself…so I jumped at it. Cost was astronomical…thought they would never sell. Again…I was wrong. Thanks to the many members on this forum who supported us, the rest is history.
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Welcome from Wyomin!
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