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I ordered two slings (canvas GI) from springfield yesterday ,had the coupon figured 8 bucks not to bad .Too bad they want sell any more barrels for 79 bucks. :x Has any body got any slings from them before?
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Well I got the slings,and their in pretty good condition the only thing is
where they have been in storage they have rust on the metal I've clean
the rust up some but there is some pitting, also there is rust marks on the canvas does anybody know the best way to get the rust stains out? I started to take them to the dry cleaners, but I thought I may try to clean
them myself. One is not marked ,the other I think has MRT ,1963 or least thats what it looks like.
There are several commercial products out that are used to remove rust stains from cloth. Check out some of the fabric stores, or a bath products store like Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Be sure to check it on a non-obvious area just to be sure it won't bleach the sling. :D
Thanks , I'll try something commercial and see what happens.
Janitorial supply companies carry rust stain removers.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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