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GI parts question

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So, I frequently see people looking for hra, winchester, etc specifically for parts.

Is this because people want consistent manufacturers for builds for collector reasons like wanting consistency in a build, or scarcity leading to value?

Or do people feel that there are specific differences in quality across the different manufacturers?
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Here here!
For me as I was building mine, except for JD and JohnC at Wolfe doing barrels/headspace I wasn't competent to do... I consider myself very fortunate to have found over near 3 years all OM and TRW parts much of them NOS or near it, mostly here in the PX from men I trust and have proven to be thoroughbreds - the Kith in Kith and Kin because I wanted to keep the soul of what's to me along with the Garand the finest MBR ever built. All purchases at more than fair prices. I maintain pictures of all of these acquired parts by name/s. When I'm dead these builds go to our boys and grand kids as stated in the will we did right down to the S/N's on the Fulton and LRB receivers. I believe our boys understand this sentiment as I've detailed the legacy which goes well beyond wood and steel. In a country that now celebrates poly-plastic weapons, worse the actual celebration of mental illness - tranny and gender "dysphoria", "pronouns", crt/slc, wanton mass slaughter of completely innocent unborn children) it means something well past what I can put into mere words... maybe just as important were on this planet is a more confidence inspiring sound than a M14 Oprod and Bolt taking a round to full battery. Carried by men in defense of this still most Noble Nation, no matter the circumstance - THEIR SACRIFICE FREELY BEQUEATHED to far too many loud ignorant cowards most thoroughly unworthy of their sacrifice. Yeah, all this and more.
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