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German ammo?

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I picked up a battle pack at a show yesterday...I know its german..headstamp MS 128-60 762-51.......Boxes marked :

AB 22
20 PATR. 7.62MM-51
DM 41 Weichkern
LOS :MS 128-60

anyone have info on this?...non-corrosive?...hot?accurate? etc

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:D You told us what's on the Box, What is the Headstamp? :?: :?
headstamped: MS 128-60 762-51

It looks as if the Manusaar Ammunition Plant closed in 1963, short lived? I have never fired any MS Headstamped manufactured ammo, from 1960 before or any other years. Sorry RED DOT. I learned something new tonight...

XXIV Corps :mrgreen:
DMZ 70-72
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