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Gas system reassembly AKA CF might be a ham fisted maroon

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Just got my gas cylinder from hueygunner. Talked on the phone with him the other day, good guy lots of info to share. Well got my gas cylinder today, set about putting it back together for the first time.

While my gas cylinder was gone I bought the shims from FA. So I put the gas cylinder on as far as I could by hand, tried to put a allen wrench through, doesn't go through. Tap it back a little bit with a rubber hammer. Allen wrench goes through, try a bigger allen wrench doesn't go through. Tap it a little farther back try the bigger allen wrench still doesn't go through. So I decide maybe the bigger allen wrench is big enough to fit through the gas cylinder hole, but not the hole in the barrel.

Now I put the gas cylinder lock on it's finger tight at 3 o'clock. Try tightening with the gas cylinder wrench, lock goes to 6 o clock, it could go a little further but feels pretty snug right now. Ahh why bother with the shims it seems good to me Put everything else together.

Should've waited to contact hueygunner, he said he'd walk me through it. But the weather's going to be great tomorrow, so I was in a rush to put it together for the range. . What do you guys think, did I make any big mistakes?
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Aloha CF:

I have several NM rifles that the splines were very tight and held the gas cylinder so solidly, shims are not needed.

If this is the case for you then I think you should be good to go.


Tom O.
When installing a gas cylinder, I drive it on with a plastic mallet to get it as tight as possible and then screw on the cylinder lock. If I do not have a lock with the corrrect timing, I then remove the cylinder and put on a shim or two on the barrel depending on how far off the timing is. Then I install the cylinder again.

Buy a copy of Jerry Kuhnhausen's excellent shop manual for the M1/M14 rifles, 'The U.S. .30 Caliber Gas Operated Service Rifles'. He covers all aspects of building/fitting of these rifles, definitely worth every penny!
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