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Very interesting and innovative concept.

Nice to see people thinking about new stuff for the old M14 war horse. With all the support and fresh thinking going into the M14 platform, it may go on ... forever.

Dlask, up here in Canuckistan, makes an adjustable gas lock, which does away with the need for shims. His version has the sight tower on the lock, not on the rotating collar.

This new design, with the rotating front sight base collar, really is slick. I assume the set screw at the top is to lock the sight base from rotating when the gas plug us removed for cleaning, which was an issue with most previous GLFS designs? And I assume that this design also does away with the need for shims??? If so, this is really well thought out ... and indeed a genuine improvement ... especially for guys like me who like to chop off the 22" barrels to make Canadian minimum legal length 18.5" shorties, or those many MANY Canuck Chinese M14 owners have "issues" with barrel and/or flash hiders tgat are out if alignment.

It is the solution to various problems that are all too common on the Canadian Chinese 14s.

Installation should be a minimum gunsmithing type job on the US based M14 barrels.

for the Canadian market,
this design would require METRIC threads for the gas ring to match up to the thousands of Chinese metric barrels we have up North. And unfortunately for us Canucks, most of our Chinese import 14s come with the flash hider welded to the barrel.

Anyplans to make a METRIC version for us Imperially challenged Canucks??

As the Chineze say ..."May you be born in interesting times."
And for M14 shooters, the times definitely are interesting.
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