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Here ya go guys. Basic Garmin eTrex GPS unit. Here's all the skinny from the Garmin website:


This particular unit went to OIF as a loaner to one of my team members. Shows moderate wear to the case and moderate scratches to the screen as would be expected on a GPS that bounced around on the dashboard of a Hummer all over Kuwait and Iraq. Nothing that affects function, it's 100% functional.

Still has a couple of tracks recorded from somewhere in Iraq. Still set to Iraq time but that's easy to change from the menu, or I'll reset it to your time zone before I ship it if you want.

I can't find the original owner's manual for this one but it can be downloaded right from the Garmin website.

Great little basic GPS to tell you where you are and point you to where you're going, maybe as a backup unit, or to give to the kids so they know where they are.

Last MSRP on these was a little over $100. I'd like to get $20 for this one, plus USPS shipping.

I will donate the proceeds from the sale to the M14 Firing Line Forum. MCORPS1
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