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This is a personal rifle and not part of my business so I have it listed here instead of Commercial Row.

This is a 308 rifle.

This is a 4.6 mil series International Harvester M1 Garand converted to use M14 Mags, sits in an M14 (M1A) stock, and uses the Garand gas system. The heelstamp is crisp and this is a very nice looking rifle. I did not do this conversion, but it appears to be an excellent job. I was told at one point that this is a "Garand and a half" and was made and marketed by a company wanting a gov contract to convert old Garands. I can't confirm that, but this was done a while ago and originally sat in a GI fiberglass stock.

I owned this rifle twice, but never made it to the range with it. When I got it back in trade the second time it was no longer in its original stock. So I fit it to a Boyds Type 2 stock and did a very simple BLO finish. The legs of the receiver are bed using AcraGlass Gel, but there is no bedding under the receiver or trigger group. It has good lock up. The Barrel band is an M14 type that has been fit, but if I were keeping it I would have it unitized by welding. The handgard is original to the rifle as I received it except I refinished it in a dark gray.

The barrel is 19". It has a BM59 Bolt Stop/Release. It also has an M14 Mag release and uses M14 Mags; on is included.

$975 Shipped CONUS ($995 to AK or HI). Please send me an "I'll Take It" PM immediately and follow-up with a email to [email protected]

If your FFL wont accept from an individual then we'll add the additional charges.

Payment by Postal MO only or cash F2F. I'll ship once I cash the MO, same or next business day.

I am not interested in trades at the moment. This is listed on other boards.

US Sales only, only to US persons. I will not ship to someone other than your FFL and require of copy of the FFL before I will ship. If I ask you where you live and you dont answer me or live outside the US the sale is void no matter where you have me ship it.


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I'll take it. Landline and PM on the way.

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