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Garand Accurize Link from CMP Forum

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I've been reading all that I can find on the topic on this forum, learned a lot!!!
So I went over to the CMP forum, and found this link.
Very good, I thought.

These are accuracy mods that keep the rifle CMP competition eligible.
Some have been covered here in great detail, some I haven't seen here.
For those that are in the know, please let us know what you think of these mods......

Particularly the: (according to the author)
Firing Pin Relief Cut
Receiver Heel Cut


Please and thank you!!!!!
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I'm not a fan of cutting the tenon off the front of the stock to reposition it, it's too high a pressure point to trust to glue IMO. I file, sand & Dremel the tenon and fill with Brownells Acraglas gel then sand to fit the ferrule. Because the ferrule is ribbed on the inside if you Acraglas it in place you'll never get it off w/o ruining the ferrule, best to build up the area with Acraglas gel, let dry solid, then shape the tenon to fit the ferrule.

EDIT: If it's a JCG Match rifle the Acraglas gel will disqualify it, if I was prepping a JCG Match rifle the ferrule tenon position would be of upmost concern, it would have to be right as is or I'm looking for another stock for that build.
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