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I got 2 rifles up for sale. Pictures can be sent if interested.

1. GAP 10 in 260 Remington, OD green, Bartlein 20 inch barrel finished off with a Surefire brake/suppressor adapter. The rifle is unfired, only rounds through it were the ones fired at GAP when tested. it sat in my safe since 2012. I ordered this with a special S/N and it took almost 18 months to get it and had to bribe George Gardner a bottle of JW Blue to grease things a little to get the S/N, 8888. The number 8 is the lucky number in Chinese culture. If you remember the Beijing Summer Olympics, it was in 2008, the 8th month, and the lighting ceremony was at 8 minutes past 8. The lead time for these rifles from GAP is still fairly long. The price $3400. That is my cost including shipping, not counting the cost of the JW Blue.

Price reduced to $3200 shipped

2. . Trainer sold
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