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Galil sniper inferior

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Thought this was intresting
The IMI Galil Sniper Rifle ("Galil T'zalaphim" - GALAT'Z in Hebrew) is the sniping modified version of the Galil 7.62 mm Assault Rifle (AR).

First introduced in the mid 1980's, the IMI GALAT'Z was supposed to replace the Israeli modified M14 SWS as the standard long-range SWS in the IDF. However, the GALAT'Z didn't represent any major improvements comparing to the M14 SWS. In the tests conducted by IDF, the GALAT'Z performed poorly with an average of 1.5 MOA while the M14 SWS was well cable of 1 MOA. The GALAT'Z was also very expensive, especially since the IDF can buy firearms at very low prices via the U.S. Foreign Military Support (FMS) to Israel, most of it have to be spend back in the U.S. Finally, the IDF stayed with the M14 SWS for another decade until it was replaced by a "true" bolt action sniper rifle, the M24 SWS, in 1997.
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I don't suppose that you have one of those, do you Steve?

Keith 8O
I don't suppose that you have one of those, do you Steve?
Not Yet but working on it as we speak :p Should have it in about a month will post pics when I get it, that is if it doesnt fall through or the ATF screws things up. The last rifle I got from this guy which was the Yugo M76 sniper rifle was recalled by the ATF for haveing a full auto safty sear in it :evil: I am still waiting on the letter from the ATF.
One of our local police agencies had one of the Galil Sniper rifles in their Armory.It was turned in by a member at my Gunclub who was told they were going to confiscate it(Galil's are prohibited weapons in Canada, but can be retained if you had one in your possession when the law prohibited them).

The agencies sharpshooter shot it at one of the BCRA Sniper matches back in 1996.It was a cool looking rifle, but it sucked as a precision/sniper rifle.Most people found the bipod sat too far back on the fore end, and it just wasn't that accurate.They shooter said it wasn't really that comfortable to shoot either.But it was just sitting in their weapons locker gathering dust, so he figured it needed to see some daylight.:wink:

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