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March 24, 2004

Georgia Gun Rights Activism Needed Right Now!


Forwarded for our friends at Citizens for Safe Government:


URGENT: State "BATF" Bill Passes Ga. Senate

(Atlanta, Wednesday, March 24) -- A bill to to set up a state-level
"BATF" in the Georgia Department of Revenue has slipped
through the State Senate and is now moving in the Georgia House.

SB528 would give state revenue agents far-reaching new powers
to harrass, threaten, and bully firearms dealers in Georgia.

In the past, you've helped defeat direct attacks on your gun rights
by vigorously voicing your objections, so now anti-gunners are
attacking the underlying firearms trade instead.

First, they tried to bankrupt gun makers with bogus lawsuits.
Now they want to strangle your firearms, ammunition, and
accessories suppliers with red tape.

The bill delegates the authority of the General Assembly to the
State Revenue Commissioner, giving him a blank check to write
new rules and regulations over the firearms business.

Just for starters, an anti-gun Governor could use this to order a
statewide triggerlock mandate, or put gun shows out of business.

SB528 is being pushed by gun rights compromiser Sen. Ross
Tolleson (R-Perry) and anti-gun Sen. Gloria Butler (D-Clarkston).

Mr. Tolleson claims he's for guns but, last year he was one of
the few elected Republicans who sold out your gun rights by
joining the Democrats to vote down the Self-Defense amendment
in the Senate. His partner, Ms. Butler of DeKalb County, is an
avowed anti-gunner.

Mr. Tolleson got his bill through the Senate by telling everybody
all it did was transfer state licensing of firearms dealers from
one department to another. When asked point-blank in Senate
committee if it did anything else, he misled the other senators
by not telling the whole story.

If gun dealers don't bow and scrape before state "BATF" thugs,
SB528 gives agents new powers to put them out of business for
good with hefty fines. The "icing on the cake" is that SB528 will
cheat your firearms dealer out of due process because it
specifically exempts future disciplinary proceedings from the
Administrative Procedure Act which controls state bureaucrats.

SB528 is a shameless, ruthless power grab, and a dangerous
threat to the future of your right to keep and bear arms in Georgia.

After passing the Senate, SB528 is now in the Democrat-controlled
House Special Judiciary Committee. The bill faces a crucial vote
in committee as early as Thu. Mar. 25 but for sure sometime this
week or next. Regardless of when you get this alert, it's vital you
TAKE ACTION to send a message to the politicians that lots
of gun owners are watching them.

Please call the offices of the Republicans on the committee and
ask them to do everything in their power to kill SB528. Even
though the legislative session is getting short, there's still
time for SB528 to pass, so you must act immediately.

1. Choose one (1) of the Republican representatives on the
House Special Judiciary Committee, call their office right away
and ask them to do everything in their power to kill the "State
bill SB528. If these Reps. feel they have enough public support from
around the state, they will almost certainly use extraordinary
against this bad legislation. That's why your call is vital. If you
get through by phone, use e-mail, or both. Here are their
office phone numbers:

Rep. Brian Joyce (R-Lookout Mountain)
[email protected]

Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta)
[email protected]

Rep Tom Knox (R-Cumming)
[email protected]

2. Pick one (1) of the Democrats on the House Special Judiciary
Committee, call their office and tell them you're against SB528.
You may not change their mind, but it's important to let them
know SB528 is a "hot potato" and it will help tie them up. Here
are their legislative office phone numbers:

Rep. Curtis Jenkins (D-Forsyth)
[email protected]

Rep. Curt Thompson (D-Norcross)
[email protected]

Rep. Randal Mangham (D-Decatur)
[email protected]

Rep. Nikki Randall (D-Macon)
[email protected]

Rep. Barbara Mobley (D-Decatur)
[email protected]

Rep. Joe Heckstall (D-East Point)

3. Contact Sen. Tolleson's office by phone or fax and let him know
that since he's from a pro-gun district, he should be working for
owners, instead of against them like he's been doing. It's important
to rattle his cage and knock him off stride so maybe he will end up
running out of time on SB528 this session. To make double-sure
your message gets through, call or fax his district office too:

Sen. Ross Tolleson
404-463-8056 (phone)
404-463-1386 (fax)
[email protected]
District Office:
478-746-6262 (phone)
478-987-5243 (fax)

4. This is an emergency. Please let your gun dealer know, and
a copy of this e-mail to everybody you know who might own a gun.


Citizens for Safe Government, Inc.
P.O. Box 813764
Smyrna, GA 30081
[email protected]