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Functional difference between Fulton and JRA?

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Good evening and happy fathers day. I have a parts kit dieing for a build and i cant stand the wait for another JRA. I have a sweet JRA and LRB build, thinking about trying a Fulton. I know they are quality receivers with a good reputation, other then the material construction will I notice a difference when a shooting a cast receiver?
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Wide op rod rails have one advantage in that they increase the contact surface between the receiver and stock, ie: improved bedding. It is thought that the original intent for the wide rail was to prevent folks from installing full auto components on the receiver.

Back when Springfield was the only game in town, we found the wide rail was beneficial in glass bedding on match grade rifles. After bedding more forged receivers than I care to count over the last 12 years I've concluded that it really doesn't make that much difference. Forged receivers are made to spec and don't have the wide rail.
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