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Same thing, except I seem to get a little tighter groups when I switch to the 5" barrel.

Honestly, I love all .22 handguns! I have a Colt New Frontier that I bought new when I was 18 (almost 30 years ago) that I`ve probably shot 10,000 rounds or better through her, and she`s still a hoot to shoot!

I`ve got a couple of conversion units for my AMT Hardballer that I like to shoot with, too!

I took my CCW range training with a Walther TPH. Got a lot of funny looks from the rest of the folks; some guys had Ruger single actions in 44 mag!
Nobody laughed when the rapid fire course came around. I dumped 8 rounds into the target before they could get off the third shot!

Bought the kid a Beretta 101 Jaguar that`s a little tack driver and lots of fun to plink with.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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