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Fulton barrel questions, and questions.

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Has anybody tried the new Fulton Armory Standard Weight, GI Contour, NM Quality Barrel with Chrome Bore. They are selling them for $250 each and in stock.

Does anybody know who makes these for Fulton? Are they US, Foreign, Chinese?

If you have one, what, if any, were the markings on it?

Would this a good alternative to USGI barrels?

Anybody know a source for USGI barrels?
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I don't know about their M14 barrels but about 5 yrs. ago I bought a barrel from them for my M1 Garand and the first one was a piece of crap. It hit right on at 100 yrds first shot then the second was about 3" high to the left , the third was about 6" high to the left and the fourth was about 11" high to left. When I ran the barrel in the lathe for indexing it was very crooked on the outside and the inside seem to be straight which means the barrel had a thin side and when heating up it would warp. I will have to say they stood behind it and sent me a new barrel and it is the most accurate gun that I have. I have shot many 3 shot groups at 100yds. that measured from 3/4 to 7/8" , off of the bench of course. :D
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