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Fulton Armory Receiver

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Has anyone tried or heard anything about Fulton's new receiver? I was thinking since I have a M-14 parts kit that may be the way to go. According to their site they will take your barrel and bolt , headspace them to their receiver for 499.95 , that don't sound to bad to me since a springfield receiver runs 450 plus by itself. I would do this coming spring or summer, like to get some input on Fulton. Thanks.
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Here are some pictures of my Fulton Armory M14.



boomer: I agree that the FA deal you mentioned seems to be the best "bang for the buck" ATM.

Oxmix's FA receiver & rifle certainly does look nice! :)
FA Receiver


That seems like a good deal to me as well. From what I've heard, the only possible issue could be turn around time. Perhaps that doesn't apply in this case.

Oxmix, I like your Fulton, thats going to be my plan this summer ( I hope).
Quag, it seems like a pretty good deal to get a receiver and the bolt headspaced and barrel put on for 500 bucks and then finish it up your self . Kinda makes you feel like you helped a little.
dperr, turn around time wouldn't be a problem until you send it off :wink: then I would be on the phone about once a week. :lol:
Re: Fulton Receiver

Hi All, 1st post so hope this comes out all right. Purchased a Fulton barreled receiver in Aug. Came with new TRW bolt and H&R 5/62 barrel, just finished assembling with mostly USGI parts. Very Happy with the end product! :D but have had little time to try at range. Overall I am very pleased with the quality of the receiver, fit and finish. If it ever stops snowing so I can walk into to the range I'll try and report back, however the few test rounds I've been able to shoot were flawless.

P.S. Thanks Hawk for all the help getting set up
Welcom aboard Rotten Boomer IMHO I would do it sooner than latter. You know how it is with pricing. you see a good deal and say ya I'll do it and then by the time you get around to it the price has increased.
i received a barreled recevier from them. the headspace falls in the sweet spot clint talks about on his site, between 1.630 and 1.634. this a H&R GI chrome lines barrel. oh yeah best part both ends of the barrel gauge less than 0.

this rifle went together very easy. be sure to have roll pin puches of the clip guide, otherwise it can be a bear.

also please note that the full hawk dummy kit will not work on the fulton receiver as the oprod rail is about twice as wide as on a springfield receiver.
Same Same as the Armscorp receivers. :( The connector arm would have to be cut behind the receiver op rod rail and held in with the included brad. Doesn't look as nice as the whole deal, but it does close up the cutout hole as well as the Full kit. Had one like that on my Armscorp, and people had to do a double take in order to tell the difference. :mrgreen:
Well Fulton received my parts last week and I should have a Fulton chromed Bush barreled receiver on the way. Now the wait begins.....
Any truth to the rumor that these are made by Armscorp for Fulton Armory? That's not a cpmplaint, as the few Armscorp receivers I've seen have been nice.
That is what I have heard also.
I have one of the Fulton recievers. I'm not really impressed though. It seems to work fine, but the quality isnt there. To start with:

1) The rear sight "ears" on the reciever ar cut too short. I had to grind down the bottom of the peep site in order for it to bottom out correctly. Also, since the rear "ears" are too short, the windage and elevation knobs are not flush with the reciever. They protrode about 1 or 2 16ths of an inch too high, as also the spring cover sits a little too high.

2) The bridge on the reciever bumps the bottom of my bolt as it slides forward. It seems to act almost like a bolt hold open. Except, when I put the oprod spring in, it passes over the bridge. Strange, but I guess the spring tension holds the bolt a little higher.

3)The external finish on the outside of the reciever looks a little rough (this is compared to a Springfield Inc) That doesnt have any bearing on functionality, but hey. Also, the notch cut out for the scope mount alignment does not appear even. It seems that if you were to draw a vertical line through the center, it would not be symmetrical. I havnt tried a scope mount yet, but I fear that it wont mount precisely.

Anyway, they have a good deal going price wise, and I dont mean to take anything from the quality work they do, but I was surprised to find these problems when I hear about their quality on the net. I also heard that armscorp makes their recievers, so maybe armscorp is selling them the seconds? I doubt thats the case, but I was a little disapointed when I saw the clean sharp lines on the Springfield Inc reciever as opposed to mine.
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Armscorp is making Fulton Armory receivers in accordance with specifications from Fulton Armory.
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