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Fulton Armory 6.5 Creedmore??

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Perhaps old news to others, but glancing at the FA web site they are advertising their rifles in subject caliber and for those into extended range shooting that is a heck of a cartridge. Now does the M14 platform do justice to this caliber, don't know, but would be an interesting rifle to have. Did shoot with couple guys in HP matches and they had a SAI/M1A from the factory in 243 Winchester or that is where they claimed it was from. It shot fine from my memory but it is a barrel eater from what I was told?? That 6.5Creedmore is the cats meow for ranges out to and including the 1000yd. line. If I were some 50 years or so younger would sell off some other goodies and "get me some of that..."
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I remember Mr. Wolfe, who makes those barrels that the experts on here seem to swear by, saying that it was far easier to make a 1 moa m14 in 6.5 creedmore in part because the smaller diameter left more barrel in the barrel, and as such, less barrel whip, so I'd guess that if you're willing to pay for the cartridge, and want to maximize accuracy shooting an M14, it is likely a safe bet.

I would venture a hazard and guess that it's still not going to match up with a precision bolt gun, but I'd also guess that's not your expectation either, being one of those guys in the know....GI1
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