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French mas ammo question

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Can .308 ammo be fired in a 7.5 mas36? I have a buddy who has a mas 49/56 that was rebarreled from a 7.5 to a .308 in 1971. However he is looking to buy a mas 36 that is barreled in the 7.5 which the ammo is costly to buy. I've read a few places that said that the .308 can be fired in the 7.5. I'm no ballistics expert but I have my doubts. Any info would be greatly appreciated. :roll:
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No way, don't even think about it.

oops....did this double post........ :oops:
I sure hope you wait for an answer. NO, you cannot substitute 7.62x51 for 7.5x54. The 7.62x51(.308 Win.) is MUCH shorter in all critical dimensions. Headspace would be about 1/8" short as one example. Guys here worry whather their headspace is off by say .008", and you're looking at something like .125".
:D 6.5 Swedish is what I use, I have an Expander Die that takes them to 7.5 Fr. I load them and Fireform them in my 49/56! ;)
Thats what I thought. I'll pass it along. Thanks for the info!!
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