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Can YOU beat the 25 meter Army Qualification Test? How about pop-up reactive targets at 400 yards? Sounds pretty easy, right?

And once you can do that, how accurately can you shoot & hit multiple targets out to 400 yards against a stopwatch?

Can you shoot accurately at a 40 rounds/min rate?

Do you know? Are you sure?

You'll never be sure unless you try!

Give your marksmanship skills a real test by joining us for TWO all-day riflery clinics, one dealing with rapid-fire accuracy and the other dealing with the basics of the AQT.

We'll end with popups at 200-300-400 yards, and if folks bring their gear, we might even talk Fred into a game or two of Counterattack, or even Battleground!

Time: 8:30 am; shoot 'til dark or out of ammo
Date: March 19, 2005
Place: Revolutionary War Veterans Association Range, Ramseur, NC
Entry: $35/$40 day of shoot

See latest Shotgun News for details, or go to www.rwva.org.

Great facility, great folks. All skill levels welcome!

Bring 400 rounds minimum, and be prepared to shoot fast and well.

Did I mention to bring enough ammo? An extra rifle might be a good idea, too, unless you have shaken the bugs out of your main stick.

Iron sights preferred, but scopes can be used.

Any centerfire rifle caliber .32 or smaller is welcome.

Just bring your desire to shoot well and learn.

Anyone interested in shooting the Battleground event should bring gear sufficent to carry at least 200 rounds of ammo.

Special bonus prize for the shooter(s) who travelled the longest distance to get there!


US-64 to Ramseur, North Carolina. South on Route 22.
Go about 2 miles, left on Old Siler City Rd. Go about 2 miles,
and go thru Parks Cross-Roads. Turn right on Willie Wright Rd.
Look for range on left.

Remember: if you're just talking, you ain't shooting!

PS: Think the election means our guns are safe? Check out




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I'm going to miss you guys this time
God I wish I was coming back for this one
have a wedding to go to this weekend
but after the wedding taking the wife & her 45 and whatever I decide to our little club here


Have fun I kniow you will

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I sighted in the Acog on my shorty FAL today, hoping to kick some a$$. I also went to the eye doctor for the first time for a complete checkup. I used to have 20-15 in both eyes. Now at 41, my left eye is 20-30 and my right eye (shooting eye) is 20-40! I sure wish my new glasses would be ready by Saturday!

At least I've lost 15 pounds since the last shoot! :D

See you there.

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I'll confess: I went to the eye doc and my eyes had changed as well. I paid the $ and got the new specs, so that excuse is out.

Oh, and Jon, that 15 you lost? I think I found some of it.


See ya tomorrow.

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I wish we had a range like that around here. I'd love to go, but Colorado is alittle far especialy with my herd of boys. :aarm-55:
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