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Fred's Korean War Sniper School -- Saturday, December 18

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In memory of the brave American and Allied troops that resisted the Communist menace in freezing Korea during 1950-53, come join us for a recreation of the actual sniper training course employed at that time by the US Army.

Time: 10 am
Date: December 18, 2004
Place: Revolutionary War Veterans Association Range, Ramseur, NC

Instruction, pop-ups to 500 yards. See latest Shotgun News for details, or call 336-879-2144.

Great facility, great folks.

Bring 300 rounds minimum, and be prepared to shoot fast and well. Iron sights preferred, but scopes can be used.

Not M1As only; any centerfire rifle caliber .32 or smaller is welcome.

Just bring your desire to shoot well and learn.

Special bonus prize for the shooter(s) who travelled the longest distance to get there!

Call: 336-879-2144 for more info

US-64 West to Ramseur, North Carolina. Left on Route 22.
Go about 2 miles, left on Old Siler City Rd. Go about 2 miles,
and go thru Parks X-Roads. Turn right on Willis Wright Rd.
(Look for range on left)

Remember: if you're just talking, you ain't shooting!

PS: Think the election means our guns are safe? Check out



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I'll see you there guys. I'm bringing a "recruit" with me this time. Also, I bought a DV Camera (for the Wife and Kids) and will make a movie this time! :lol:



Are you bringing your Super Match this time? I'm going to shoot my AR, with my Poly M14 as backup. 8)
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