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I have lots of brass that I've been stockpiling that I am ready to get rid of. All of the calibers that I have available are listed below. They will all be once fired, mixed headstamps, and primed.


30-06, HXP mixed headstamps: 70 pieces, $15 shipped
.308/7.62 NATO, Mixed Commercial and CAVIM headstamps: 144 pieces, $30 shipped
30-30 Winchester, mixed headstamps: 82 pieces, $20 shipped
.303 British, PPU headstamp: 8 pieces, free to the first taker, just pay the shipping.


.45 ACP, Mixed headstamps: 140 pieces, $20 shipped
.45 Long Colt: 50 pieces, $13.00 shipped
.40 S&W, Mixed headstamps: 80 pieces, $17 shipped
.38 Special, Mixed headstamps: 50 pieces, $13 shipped
9mm Luger, Mixed headstamps: 258 pieces, $35 shipped

If you want more than one caliber I can combine shipping and save you some money. All items will be shipped in a USPS flat rate box (small or medium depending on how many pieces you want.)

I'm currently building my first AR15, so I'll be happy to take parts in trade. So far all I have is a stripped upper receiver, so I'll need basically anything AR related:
-Lower receiver
-Lower parts kit
-Buffer assy
-Stock, hand guards, pistol grip
-charging handle
-gas tube
-bolt group
-etc, you get the point!

"First I'll take (item or items)" gets it. Feel free to PM with offers. Nothing will be marked SPF until you've posted an "I'll take it" on this thread. I tried to price all of this brass below what you can buy it new for. If my prices are out of line, just let me know! Cross posted, winner by time stamp.
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