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Poly Tech (Pre Ban of course) folder with the 20 round mag ...

I prefer the 20 rounders as opposed to the 30's especially when in the prone ... :wink:

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Can you believe it Six that is one rifle I do not have in my collection :oops: I do however have a few AKs built on Poly recievers :p
This ones for sale but then a lot of folks don't want to pay extra for the fact that its a Preban and has the folder and threaded barrel ....

Shes a legal beagle alright ...

One of these days when I drag everything out of the safe I will post pics of a Drag that will knock your socks off and not too many have one of these types ....

Its "not" one of those variants you see all over but rather an "original" Chinese Military with infra red PS scope and all the bells and whistles ...

Six wrote:
One of these days when I drag everything out of the safe
I can barley rememer those days. Now It would take a Semi truck 8O A picture of your Drag is a must you got me drooling and i havnt seen it yet :lol:
Mine's not a Polytech, but I guess it's the next best folder. . . Norinco 56s-2

http://home.comcast.net/~mvm6756/wsb/media/209564/Red_grip_rt_with_bayo2.jpg changed out the Norinco furniture with Polytech dark wood handguards and
a Polytech red bakelite grip. :D (The bakelite folding stock came factory installed)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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