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The M21

The M21 receiver has a notch on the bottom for more consistent/tight lockup to the stock that should result in smaller groups. It is an enhanced M14 platform in that respect. It is also heavier that standard M14s and yours should feature NM trigger, sights and barrel....all very nice upgrades.

US Optics is a FINE Optic and is suited to the long range shooter that can compute mils into clicks. It is also very expensive but worth the FRNs if you can operate it. There are many threads in the OPTICS section here that capitalize on first-hand use of many fine optics, seek them out for real-world experience with the M14 platform.

You will get many and varied responses on Mounting platform. I swear by Bassett Machines becuae they are easy to install/remove, re-zero by themselves and the guy that built them answers the phone himself when I call him about a question.

Congrats on your good taste in rifles, welcome to the board.
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