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The GI Flash suppressor does not contribute to accuracy rather it is reamed or standard. The reamed suppressor has evidence to support accuracy improvement over the non reamed. I have not found this to be the case. The FS in question is a USGI type.

Any time something like this part is attached to the muzzle it works to limit accuracy, the Military saw it as a means to limit flash, but more to limit the muzzle movement, the directional gas flow helps hold the muzzle on target.

The M14 was more accurate without the FS, the report was too loud and the recoil was greater also, much greater in my experience.. ..

It is my position the reamed FS gave better accuracy not because it was reamed, but because the muzzle seat was machined to 90 degrees to match the barrel end. I have machined GI FS seats after testing the rifle for accuracy and this proves, in my case, to be true. Than I reamed the same FS and there was no accuracy improvement.

So what does this mean to the owner, you will have to decide that, but if you expect accuracy, try machining the seat, if a Commercial FS is your choice, do both jobs, than cross your fingers.
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