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Flash Suppressor Questions

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At what bullet weight should you restrict to shooting a non-reamed flash suppressor? Would up to 165-168gr. be o.k. or what?

What are the specs that NM flash suppressors are reamed to? Does it require a special reamer?


Joe A.
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AFAIK, the NM flash suppressors are reamed to keep the bullet from striking the FS during a rainstorm (water droplets deflecting the bullet). The weight of the bullet shouldn't matter as they are all the same diameter, right?
requires a #7 tapered reamer and a 3/8" drill bit. The muzzle end is reamed out to .406" ID. HTH
Thanks for the replies. It's good that I don't know a M14 expert personally that I could ask questions. I would probably worry him to death.

I was thinking that the heavier bullets being less stabilized in a 1-12 twist could possibly wobble enough on exit to occasionally strike the suppressor. Didn't think about rain drops.

Thanks again.

Joe A.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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