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First Remington I've Bought

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Got it for my daughter for deer season this year. Should work out pretty well.

I bought it on GB. Had a little trouble with the private seller and finally tracked down a phone number--she's 85 years old and lives in Yakima. And then the FFL's didn't talk for 2 weeks. Then the persistent heavy snow over Snoqualmie Pass delayed UPS 3-4 days.

But it got here. Kid was surprised and pleased as punch.

I got her a 2-7x Redfield Revolution, but she'd rather shoot the iron sights. I may end up mounting a peep on it if she persists.
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Hello, Very, very nice vintage 721 or 722 Remington rifle (produced until 1962), you have there. That is a great buy. Your daughter should be proud. I hope it came with ammo, at least some brass, the .257 Roberts does not come cheap.
I know, I have an 1967 Remington 700 BDL varmint special in 6mm Remington,(another vintage caliber), same round/different name as the .243 rem. mercman spoke of... Matter of fact, you can take the .257 Roberts case and resize it too make it a .243 Rem./6mm Rem case, that's how similar they are.
And as wasted ammo pointed out, they preform very well. Your daughter should have no problem filling her deer tag(s)....
Your rifle, as mine, also came from the widow of the original owner. Yet, with the Vintage Remington and Redfield sales brochures and manuals/instructions/parts list, from 1967.
I hope you and your daughter enjoy the new rifle and the pleasures of the hunting time together.
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Factory ammo isn't hard to come by. Walmart doesn't have it, but just about every smaller place up here does.

I've got a pretty good stash of 6mm Rem and 7mm Mauser brass handy, so 257 won't be an issue.

Can't wait for spring to finally get here so we can start the fun.
Hello, 30Caliber.
It must be nice having a Walmart so close, the closest one to me is a 2 1/2 hours drive up 395 into NV. and the closest sporting goods store with ammo is a 45 min. drive south too Bishop Ca. But, we do have that big brown truck that stops by when needed... It's reload or buy in bulk in these parts of the woods/mountains here on the east side.
So you have the reforming dies for the 7mm?, if not I have a set I don't use.
Spring is only a week away, but the ranges up here are under at lest 5-6 feet of snow still, at 8000' and winter isn't over for us yet... But, that's why I'm a member down at the Bishop Gun Club, best $25.00 ever spent for yearly dues and no show-up fees per-day.
If you need the reforming dies, give me a shout.
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