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First Remington I've Bought

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Got it for my daughter for deer season this year. Should work out pretty well.

I bought it on GB. Had a little trouble with the private seller and finally tracked down a phone number--she's 85 years old and lives in Yakima. And then the FFL's didn't talk for 2 weeks. Then the persistent heavy snow over Snoqualmie Pass delayed UPS 3-4 days.

But it got here. Kid was surprised and pleased as punch.

I got her a 2-7x Redfield Revolution, but she'd rather shoot the iron sights. I may end up mounting a peep on it if she persists.
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Yep, the .257 Roberts is a great caliber. Very similar to the .243. I had a Remington 722 in that caliber. Still have the dies laying around somewhere.
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You should be ashamed to have used those boxes as a backdrop!!

Would you please send all the boxes of Samoas to me ......

Nice rifle!
Yeah, I gained 5 pounds just looking at the picture.
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