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First out fer my Scout

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First outing with the Scout. This was with all SAI stock parts, iron sights and shooting MEN Surplus ammo. 6 O' clock aim.
Images shouls work left to right from 25-100yds.
Was out at P2k where I could start on the 25yd range. I zeroed it out turning the elev. all the way counter clockwise and proceed to dial it back up with each 3 round set.
From the 25, I got it on paper and then once I leaned on the table (no room for the bags at the pistol range) I started hitting the center.

Went to the 50yd so I could set it down on the bags and work on things there. Again, 3 shot sets and worked it up to center.

Finally out the 100 with the last 2 targets. By the end, I was hitting okay, getting about 20% in the bullseye. Got brave and did a few from standing, too.

Bad, good? Honest opions, please.

I was really surprised at how smooth the felt recoil was, so, I will see if there is any difference in feel with the Sadlak NM spring rod.
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No mention of any function problems, hitting paper standing at 100 yds with iron sights. Sounds like a good first outing to me.
Pretty good shooting, sure it is.

That is about the same accuracy I got from my SOCOM with the factory iron sights shooting RemUM150gr. At first I liked the XS front sight and large rear peep but once I got more time on the trigger, 6 oclock is about the only way for precise target dissecting, which I guess you cannot actually do using 6 oclock!

Now that I added an EoTec, I find it easier to dissect a target for accuracy and my accuracy did improve, one reason I went with EoTech is the 1moa red dot. Plus, I believe with more rounds down range now, I am at about 350 now, the moving parts worked off the newness and I also am getting use to my SOCOM working on fundamentals and the crappy trigger, things have gotten tighter. My second day out with my SOCOM was just an abomination, I was embarrassed. I find myself pulling my cheek weld to see down range instead of following through like on my bolt gun with glass that I can see the hits in real time.

When I break mine down around the 500 round count, I plan to upgrade to Sadlak TiN gas piston and guide rod and shim the gas system to hopefully smooth it out and up the accuracy.

Not bad shooting!
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Let's see, first outing, everything works, you are on paper and you had fun. Sounds like a great day at the range to me. Congratulations.GITEN
It's a good start; especially since you included some standing in there. Next time take out some American Eagle 168 match and shoot from some sand bags to see what kind of accuracy you get.

Memphis: well, I did have issues with a safety that would not engage, but that did not stop the gun from shooting!

In fact, my very first pull of the trigger got the click-ping FTF. Always a sickening sound.
But once I cleared it, cycled in a new round, no problems for the next 75 rounds.

Yeah, I am not knocking anything out of the park, but to me its obvious its my skill, nothing wrong with the rifle right now.

After the next go out, I need to sit down with the Scout and my K-31 and compare at 100 from bags to see if there are any common issues between them with shot placement. I have no one to shoot with or gain advice from, this is a totally new experience for me.

I will take a look at other loads too, I have some Winchester 147 in the white box, but I a sure its more or less equivalent to Nato Surplus in performance.
keep shootin

my new scout had safety issue as well, somewhat stiff at first but has started to wear in some now, and showing signs of improvement in ease of use. I think it can be considered normal for a new SAI. nice shootin anyways.
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