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I'll definitely be doing more of this, but I doubt I'll be shooting any real NRA matches as I've heard there's SOME real ***holes in the sport. After being competitive in trap, I'm done with all the cutthroat crap. I shoot for fun. When shooting for fun, you always win. If a prize somehow heads your way, it's just a bonus.
Too bad that you have been burned by some people along the way. I encourage you to be open minded about NRA or CMP high power matches. I have shot matches in MT, UT, AZ, ID, and OH, and I think I can count the jerks I met on one hand. I deal WAY more difficult people Monday to Friday.

Up here (MT) we have a great bunch of people shooting in our matches, and it is a great way to enjoy ourselves, enhance our marksmanship and develop new shooters for the next generation. The after-match BBQ's and socializing are a great plus too.

NRA/CMP matches are also more likely to be run better than what you experienced. There are rules the match director is expected to adhere to (rulebooks) and the match program should be followed and it spells out the rules of the match.

I hope you give high power matches a try someday and it goes well.


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