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I started out with a loaded m1a in a plastic stock, picked it up in a trade.
The first thing I did was read alot of posts on this site, walt & clint book
and picked up art L dvd on bedding.
List of things I did
new lam stock had to put in the mill to clean out a few areas
unitized gas cylinder/ front band
trigger job it's a little less then 5 lbs
removed a little plastic from handguard bottom
installed hooded NM rear sight stoned & lapped it in
made bedding tools same as in arts center x dvd
bedded stock with brownell steal bed
for the most part I went step by step with Walt & Clints book.
The rifle shoots sub moa with a factory barrel I got lucky.
I build long range target comp rifles & alum stocks as a hobby
but this is my first gas gun project it was fun

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