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First M14 Rifle Build - "Thoroughbred"

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Good morning Gentlemen. It wasn't until someone mentioned M14 of the Quarter that I realized I've never posted my first (and currently only) M14 rifle. It's been a very long process as many of you can relate to but well worth it. A big thank you to everyone on the forum who contributed parts and knowledge; I couldn't have done it without you. I present to you, "Thoroughbred"

LRB M14SA Forged Receiver
Criterion Medium Weight 22" 1/10 Twist Barrel
TRW Bolt
TRW Op Rod
TRW Trigger Group
TRW Rear Sight
USGI Internals
USGI Screw and Glue Gas System
USGI NM Reamed Flash Hider
Tubb Recoil Spring
Sadlak NM Recoil Spring Guide
Minelli Walnut Stock
USGI Stock Hardware
Turner Saddlery M1907 Sling
Checkmate Magazines

Plant Wood Houseplant Finial Art

Footwear Picture frame Wood Outdoor shoe Sandal
Wood Tool Tints and shades Wood stain Hardwood
Musical instrument Wood Natural material String instrument accessory String instrument
Wood Writing implement Office supplies Auto part Bicycle part

Bicycle part Carbon Rim Bicycle handlebar Bicycle accessory

Product Tool Hand tool Everyday carry Bag
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All right now go nominate this great rifle in the M14 of the quarter contest.
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