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First Garand, posible issue

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Just got my CMP Special, took it down and cleaned and lubed it, greased the op rod channel and bolt lugs, basically like I would my M14.

Ran 5 clips through it, functioned great on all but one clip. It's surplus greek ammo. One clip tried to eject after only a couple of shots. Shoved it back down and no more hick-ups. Is this a common malfunction, or ???

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It's very common for the clip latch spring to get weak!

And this is the most common fix!

Could be the Greek clip. Lots of shooters have had problems with them.
On the special, I would not think the spring would be weak but it is an easy change for peace of mind.
First as bd states, segregate that clip.
Some have issueswith different manufacture of enblocs. Personally I never have. Remove clip latch spring and stretch it, reinstall. If it fixes problem replace the spring
Premature ejection...YIKES1

Mark your enblocs. Don't use the "offending" one and see if the problem stops.
Less of a cause for your rifle's problem. However, check your op rod spring length, it should be about 20". Some of the springs sent with CMP rifles are worn (too short) or even broken. The Garand gas system needs to be in balance for 100% reliability.

If you get together with Geeck for shooting, he can show you how to tighten the rifle and your groups.
Get some USGI clips and your problem will go away. The greek clips I had were causing every clip to have a failure to feed every 7th round. Listened to the members on here and got some USGI clips....haven't had one problem since.
All my 14 Garands will function fine with every enbloc that ever cam with Greek HXP, even the JMO and SF. Some people report problems with SF and JMO marked enblocs. These enblocs may be slightly different than other enblocs and "may" not function properly if something else in your rifle is out of spec. JMO
Thanks guys. One possibility is it's a special, new park on everything. Could it just need a little breaking in?

I'll get with Tony next time he comes down.

Thanks again,

Yes all around:

Needs more breaking in with new parkerizing
Change Enblocs and don't use ones that don't work right.
Consider changing springs including op rod spring with a brand new stainless steel one from Orion 7.

IF you feel it's a problem, contact CMP, they will make it right. But before anything major.....tracking bad enblocs is a very good first step.

CMP Springfield Service Grade, 1953 Receiver/Barrel
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Had same issu with mine(greek ammo) the clips that came with them was my problem. when messuring side flat dimples w/calipers compaired to usgi make. the greeks were undersize on thier dimples. (useing the caliper as a depth gage!) compaire usgi make to thiers and see what u get? But i too also up graded my latch key spring to a MATCH SPRING from fulton armory. never had the problem again.even with the greek clips
Thanks for the info. I think I'll run this box of ammo through it and see if it happens again. If so I'll change the spring, going to do that anyway though, and get some USGI clips.

For the record there are no 'Greek' enbloc clips. The enblocs that the Greek HXP comes on are made by countries like Germany, Holland, France, The Netherlands..............probably more countries (Plus USGI and US commercial). Later HXP also has the same extractor groove geometry as the 7.62X51 (.308). That's why the 'dimples' dimensions are different.

Left: USGI LC .30-06 Center: Greek HXP Right: 7.62X51

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