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Up for sale are a few FINISHED USGI M14 Walnut Stocks.
All three are Teak oil finishes, wet sanded to 2000 grit, and buffed with clear wood paste wax.
GREAT stocks for anyone on a budget.
Will sell without buttplate if you have an extra one already.

Also for sale is a New in Wrapper Imperial Cutlery M6 bayonet (pictured below)
Wanted one for myself, just can't bring myself to open it so it can go to a 'collector' as I'm not much of one. -was $100, now $85 SHIPPED SPF to Middkid

Pictured below, from left to right:

1) S.E. Overton Co./TRW walnut with really decent striping on buttstock, continuing subtly up to fore grip. Faint DAS, wide Sans Serif 'P'. Excellent condition overall, no cracks and minimal dings. Minor chips missing from top of buttplate area, not noticeable with buttplate installed. Includes excellent condition buttplate, excellent solid handguard, and good condition GI canvas sling.-was $125, now $105 SHIPPED OBO SPF on different site.

2) S.E. Overton Co./TRW walnut with scattered striping on buttstock. Very faint DAS, nearly gone, tried to save what I could of it. Wide Sans Serif 'P'. Went with a 50/50 red mahogany/brown stain on this one and I think it came out very well. Subtle, yet not overpowering red shimmer. Good condition stock, some minor dents and dings, battlescars on buttstock, no cracks at all. Couple small fills on left side and one dime-sized fill on right side of fore grip. Includes very good condition solid hand guard, no buttplate.-was $80, now $60 SHIPPED. SPF On different site.

3) H. Sacks & Sons walnut with decent striping on buttstock. No DAS, no 'P'. Very good condition overall, no cracks, very minor dents and dings almost unnoticeable. Includes excellent solid hand guard, no buttplate. -was $80, now $65 SHIPPED OBO SPF on different site

4) S.E. Overton Co./TRW Birch with some exquisite grain, some cheetah-like spotting on left side. No DAS, No 'P', 'O' stamp under buttplate. Went with a tobacco brown/amber color on this, and I'm very pleased with the way it's turned out. Very few dents or dings, no cracks at all. Includes excellent condition buttplate and solid hand guard. PICTURED BELOW BAYONET -$120 SHIPPED, I will entertain offers on this stock but I feel I'm asking a fair price for it. SPF to erichm

First "I'll take it" gets it, followed by PM.
Paypal gift preferred, will also accept USPS money order.
all items are cross posted.

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