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Finished - M40 Remington SSA Replica Project

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Hi Everyone,

I thought you might enjoy some details of the M40 Replica Project I just completed [with help from many]. Before I start -> this is a "M40 Replica" some of the details are not exactly right, but they were acceptable to me and you always have a cost benefit analysis you have to do when you take on a project like this one [it will always be a Replica].

This project started almost one year ago when I made a comment on another forum that I wanted to have a M40 clone in my collection someday. I really wanted some of the well known weapons from the Vietnam area and at a minimum wanted [several clone versions of the M14; then the M16A1 and M40]. I know other key weapons were used but I really wanted these three in my collection. I was approached by one of the forum members here on our forum to take-over a M40 project that was really far along, but the owner decided he wanted to direct resources another way and we began to talk. After a lot of communications with the owner of the project and many of my other "Friends" here on the forum [that like to help me spend money] they encouraged me to move forward and take over the project which I did and I am glad! The forum member that originally had this project did A LOT of work and is very knowledgeable when discussing the M40. I will leave the original M14 forum members name out of my thread for respect , but he can chime in later in the thread if he wants.

Here is a teaser pic to hold your interest.......

Below find some of the build details:

* Complete (barreled) Action and Bottom Metal:
* Remington SSA SN# LTD ED action
USMC Clip-slotted and U.S. Stamped receiver
Squared & trued (by Master Gunsmith) - Mag box, Spring, Follower and Bottom metal

* Barrel - Shilen Target Barrel Blank - (trued, threaded & installed by Master Gunsmith)
* Remington Varmit (Sendero) Profile - 1:10 Twist - M852 Custom Match/Target .308 Chamber
* M40 proper barrel length & Recessed Target Crown (for target work)
* Proper Recoil Lug
* Bolt has been re-fitted with an Original/Early short bolt shroud (a/k/a Bolt Plug)
* Has been re-fitted with Original Remington early tombstone safety & Original early trigger group
* Has fully mounted Badger Ordinance precision steel M40-40X scope mount/rings - Receiver & mount was drilled and tapped for larger 8X40 screws (for target work)

* Stock Related - Taylor Precision Engineering M40 stock - Unfinished
* Inletting & barrel channel are CNC drop-in quality
* Original Remington 1-1/4 inch sling swivel set
* Original Remington Buttplate
* Original Remington Buttplate Screws

* USGI Cotton Sling - a NEW in Wrap - NOS MRT stamped 1966 sling - a big thanks to LEAD Guy for letting one of his beautiful slings go for this project!
* Original Remington LTD ED M40 box with the SSA special graphics

*Scope - Original Redfield Scope 3X - 9X Gen,-1 with Accu-Range reticle (with ranging scale and stadia lines/wires) in commercial gloss black finish. I am keeping this scope in reserve if Toki decides to do more scope anodizing or if I can find another good source. I was not able to find an acceptable lead to properly anodize the scope.
*The Scope Shown on the Rilfe - is also an original Redfield 3X - 9X Gen - 1 with Accu-Range reticle (with ranging scale and stadia lines/wires). Many of the "original M40" scopes have multiple colors as the anodizing take on different colors from the exposure to light and time. I did not want to put a black glossy scope on this rifle, so I decided to take a chance and experiment with my extra Redfield Scope. I took the scope down to the bare finish and first used a new Duracoat product called Duradize. This product emulated the anodizing process so I did the entire scope with OD Green. Next after looking at many scopes I used Duracoat aged bronze to change the color of some pieces of the scope which turns bronze / light brown over time. I did all of the work with my airbrush and decided I would go with this scope until I can get my other one anodized. I know it is not anodized and aged and it is not perfect for sure, but I went outside the box [as I often do] to see what I could do and met my objective of not having a black scope.

* Stock Finishing - once I got the rifle back from being pillar bedded I did my M1Army thing to the beautiful chunk of Walnut that came from Taylor Precision Engineering. I mixed up my custom mix of Stew Mac stain to give the walnut a nice uniform color and finished the stock using my method(s). I love the look and feel of the stock and the entire rifle for that matter.

Outside Help / Gunsmith - I sent the rifle off to Raven Rifles [Mark Williams] to do the pillar bedding and to coordinate the final metal finishes for the M40 etc. He did a great job and was easy to work with!

I want to also thank RandomGuy, Tony Ben and PFC Thomas for looking at the pieces and helping me with some of the build details as well as my decision to take on this project. I am grateful for my friends here on the M14fourm as I can make a call, send a PM etc. and find out almost anything related to weapons!

Vietnam Era Gear - I laid out some of the Vietnam ear gear I have acquired over the years and included it in the pictures. I am not suggesting this would be the correct gear necessarily for a soldier carrying a M40, but I just wanted to share some of the gear I have acquired over time. I forgot my bayonet and scabbard and I also have some original meal kits including smokes, insect repellent etc. I included the gear just for fun, but a lot of it is NOS form the mid to late 1960's.

I now have about 5 weapons I need to go shoot and provide range reports and I am excited to shoot this one for sure!

Enjoy a few pics...... M1Army

Before Stock Pics:

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Very Nice

Range Report.
1. No #2 Pencil
2. Pictures required
3. Make sure "Nut" behind the trigger is adjusted properly
4. Remember don't let your southern cousin in So Cal down. We southern boys
need to stick together.
Well done cousin.
Pfc out

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Hi All,

I have had a number of PM's on the custom stain mix I used on the M40 stock.

I pretty much use the Stew Mac concentrate stains that you can mix with either denatured alcohol or behkol. Some Walnut stocks many not have a uniform color if some sap wood exists or if oil is not absorbed evenly. I mix a combination of tobacco brown 2/3 and mahogany 1/3 which results in a beautiful deep color to enhance the Walnut and provide a uniform color. Since the stain is alcohol based you can introduce color very late in the refinishing process to get the color just right! I also use teak oil exclusively on my refinished stocks.

Some Walnut needs nothing, just oil - but sometimes you have to help it out a bit.


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I predict that this rifle will become your FAVORITE rifle... she's a steel and walnut beauty, for sure and a lean hunting machine.

Beautiful work on bringing out the best in that Plain-Jane stick of walnut, Wes.


Good luck!!
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