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Finally I got my M1a...

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A few months ago I was in reach of e nearly unused m1a with a 41xxx SN, a co-worker wanted to sell ist. Unfortunately, he couldnt decide to walk the final step and gave excuses for not giving it away for about six months now...well, I understand him. See thread http://m14forum.com/reference/193540-m1a-offered-good-buy-few-questions.html

Last week I found another candidate (not in a condition als good as the first one, but still "golden Era" range (SN 45317) and for a price of 900 EUR for the set shown on the pic, multitool and cleaning rods already stowed in the rifle stock. Picked it up after two days of communication with the seller.

Didn´t shoot it yet, but with the built-in parts (Barrel H-R dated 1-61, Bolt HRT, Trigger Group TRW, NM Sights) I think I couldn´t do wrong with this purchase. OpRod is not USGI but SA, I guess. No Manufacturer stamp, numbers punched in read first line: 726706, second line 66118.

Now I gotta find the perfect load for my baby...will try N140 with Hornady 168BTHP first.

Edit: After a little search I found the manufacturer code 66118 standing for Winchester...so, my OpRod is probably NOT commercial.
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fortunately we kann still keep them at home, in a safe certified for firearms, locked away from anyone but the registered owner - and also separated from ammunition, that is for use with these guns. For example: my handguns are locked in a small safe bolted to my bedrooms wall, ammo locked away into another one (of a lower grade). And I am not allowed to tell my wife about the safe´s opening code or where the keys are...

Politicians of the Green party and the socialists regularly try to ban all firearms from civilian ownership, but by now they always failed with that. Hopefully, they will never get majority in our parlament house...
A little more stricter than California. We don't have to lock up the ammo (yet).

How rare is M1A in Germany?

Say have you ran across Sommer Und Ockenfuss "Shorty" magazines in Germany? Love to get a few spares for mine in .308Win.
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