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Finally Got My Marlin 1895 to the Range

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I finally had some time to take my 1895 to the range and get it zeroed.

The gun functioned perfectly and the recoil was much more manageable than I had expected.

I put 20 rounds of 405 grain PPU ammo through it. I was also pretty surprised by how clean the gun was when I got home. I was expecting a black gunky mess in the barrel and chamber based upon previous experience with PPU but it only took a quick soaking with some Ballistol and about six patches and everything was squeaky clean.

All in all I'm very happy with this gun (I also squeezed in 60 rounds with my M1A Scout to reconfirm my zero)

The bottom target in picture below was me walking the ghost ring up to the center using two shot group at 50 yards. The top target was me zeroing the Burris Fastfire III at 50 yards (that just took a couple of small adjustments)

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Is this a brand new 1895? If so I'm curious how happy you are with the fit and finish on your gun, I've been procrastinating about getting one but have read mixed reviews regarding the quality of fit and finish.

That's a very nice looking gun, congrats!
Thanks - It's a brand new production gun (April 2016 according to Marlin when I called in the serial number). The fit and finish is good in my eyes. Everything is straight and the fit between the stock and the receiver is fine. The action was pretty smooth out of the box and has further improved after cycling it while I watched TV and yesterday's range session.

If I had one gripe it would be the machine marks that I found on the lever and inside the receiver. I would have liked them to spend a little time at the factory smoothing them out a little more. This having been said, this isn't a huge deal for me. I'm a bit less sensitive about machining marks, etc. after getting into AKs.

My only other issue is the semi buckhorn sights. They just don't work for me. I was all over the place when I tried shooting my 336 and 1894 the first time. However, once I replaced them with ghost ring sights I was shooting without issue.

I've now bought 3 Marlin lever guns sight unseen online via my FFL and I've been happy with all of them in terms of workmanship. I'm not a lever gun purist (or an expert by any means) but I have no problem recommending new Marlins based on my experience.

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Good deal, thanks for the feedback!
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