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Finally Got My Marlin 1895 to the Range

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I finally had some time to take my 1895 to the range and get it zeroed.

The gun functioned perfectly and the recoil was much more manageable than I had expected.

I put 20 rounds of 405 grain PPU ammo through it. I was also pretty surprised by how clean the gun was when I got home. I was expecting a black gunky mess in the barrel and chamber based upon previous experience with PPU but it only took a quick soaking with some Ballistol and about six patches and everything was squeaky clean.

All in all I'm very happy with this gun (I also squeezed in 60 rounds with my M1A Scout to reconfirm my zero)

The bottom target in picture below was me walking the ghost ring up to the center using two shot group at 50 yards. The top target was me zeroing the Burris Fastfire III at 50 yards (that just took a couple of small adjustments)

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405 grain? That's loaded for bear!
They are great & versatile guns. I have the full rifle version and my mods to it were a set of TruGlo fiber optic sights and a Limbsaver recoil pad. Here is a grouping with the open sights sandbagged at 100 yards. The one a little outside at 9 o'clock was my fault, not the gun's.
I was using Hornady's 325 grain LEVERevolution.
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Your version has the decent recoil pad. Mine came with a hard rubber buttplate that was no help at all. That's why I had to upgrade.
Funny thing is Limbsaver didn't make a direct fit one for the 1895 which is strange given how many are 1895's are being made. I had to contour & fit a universal one to it.
I actually wasn't feeling much discomfort while I was shooting - it didn't really start bothering me until late yesterday evening when I reached for something in the garage.

I can only imagine how it must of felt shooting with that hard rubber butt pad. I'm guessing that the recoil must have gone right through you

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8 rounds bruised me pretty good and I know how to hold a gun when shooting to minimize it.
After the new pad I ran a box of 20 through it and never felt it!
I paid a lot of attention to the position of the buttstock in my shoulder before every trigger pull. I learned my lesson about that awhile ago with my PTR91. That's only 308 but it beat me up badly once.

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I put a Limbsaver on my Enfield project after running several boxes of ammo through it with the hard plastic buttplate it had. Can't say enough about how well they perform!
My only other issue is the semi buckhorn sights. They just don't work for me. I was all over the place when I tried shooting my 336 and 1894 the first time. However, once I replaced them with ghost ring sights I was shooting without issue.

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I didn't like the sights on mine either. Took the hood off the front sight, tried painting different color dots on the front sight and still couldn't focus well but in their defense it could just be an age issue with me.
NO complaints with the TruGlo's I installed.
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