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Finally got a digicam so here is my scout.

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My wife desperately needed a digital camera for school. So we broke down and got one. Nothing fancy, but I can finally post a pic of my M1A scout. So here it is.

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Nice rifle. The front sight looks like Smith Enterprise Ghost Ring.....

SunRise420 said:
I may have to try a 2x Aimpoint.
Who makes that front sight?

Very nice Scout. :D
Thanks! Yes it is a Smith Enterprise gas lock ring sight.
looking good.

how do you like the magpuls?
fubar said:
looking good.

how do you like the magpuls?
Thanks fubar,
The magpuls are great for tactical reloads. They also are pretty handy if you have AR style pouches that are doing double duty with M14 mags. It makes getting mags out of those pouches much quicker.

Sharp, very sharp :D

Thanks for the info on the magpuls. :idea:

Keep em in the black.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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