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The stock ferule is modified to increasing the area around the gas cylinder to avoid contact between these two parts, this is the why, how it can be done has been covered many times.

The important thing is not the mod to the ferrule alone, but to continue that modification back into the stock to a place just past the end of the gas cylinder. This removes all the area that may contact the cylinder before firing as well as during firing. All stock ferrule should be epoxied in position..

The pictures recently posted are excellent, the ferrule can be used as a guide to remove the stock material inside the stock, clearing the gas cylinder from contact. How much material should be cleared is the question, more is better than too little. There is a good deal of movement at this area of the rifle when it is fired. Next time you have the rifle out of the stock check the area around the gas cylinder, usually there is a coat of carbon, any signs of the cylinder bumping will leave a mark. It is not a bad idea to leave the carbon in place so it can be read easily... Art
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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