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All true that I can see:

from: ‎National Firearms Association (official site)

"Most members of Congress — and to some degree this is bipartisan — are terrified of the NRA"
-President Obama

The NRA equals its members. Without the members, there would be no NRA, therefore, they are rightly terrified of the people.
-Arno Jones


Population of the USA: 318,121,000
Population of Canada: 35,344,962
NRA Members: 5,000,000
NFA Members: 80,000
NRA Members per 100,000 people: 1571.73
NFA Members per 100,000 people: 226.34

The NFA needs 555,528 members to match the NRA's power.

This means we are short 475527 members; which means each of us needs to try and get 6 people signed up. I accept this challenge; do you? In fact I am setting a minimum goal of 12 people this year; anyone willing to match me?

(I've taken out the author's name since he didn't write this for posting here. It can of course be found on the site )
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