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Fed. Ord. good ,bad, OK?

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What do you guys know about Fed. Ord. rifles ? I see there is one for sale
here and was wondering about them. It sounds like a good deal but I've
not heard much about Fed. Ord. Comments Please.
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I got a FedOrd years ago & fired fine right out of the box. Still have it. Some I've heard people have had trouble with. Kinda need to shoot before buy I guess.

One would think that you don't necessarily have to fire it to kniow whether it's good or not. Most seller's will give you a "no fire" 3 day inspection. Check out the bore on the barrel, check or have the headspaceing checked and feel how it functions....Is it smooth through the whole cycle. With the bolt closed can you wiggle it with your finger? It shouldn't move. Field strip it and check for unusual wear. Also check to make sure the gas piston moves freely by turning the rifle barrel down and then back up. if it's free it will glide back on it's own with gravity. Ranger11B2P picked uo one at the Houston gun show and it turned out to be a gem.
Thanks, I posted the same question at battlerifles and was told some came with USGI parts were ok, but the all chi-com wasn't as good. The rifle is for sale here on the px post , the only reason I was looking at it
was he was wanting to take a CEMTE in on trade and I was thinking about trading my CEMTE for something else. If I did trade it off that would give
me 3- M-14 type rifles :p
If my memory is correct the Chinese ones had a C prefix to their serial #s. Good luck on the trade.
Well , I haven't got in touch with him yet, but now Iam thinking about
just buying a another Springfield (pre-ban this time). I found a couple
of Supermatch's , but their a little pricey. :?
I think you'll find that this is a preban rifle. If it has all USGI parts on it You could change out to NM parts on it one at a time and end up with a nice rifle.. Another way to look at it. Can't hurt to inquire about it?
Thanks Hawk, I sent a pm a couple days ago ,wanted to see some pics
haven't heard anything yet. Looks like he lives in NY , not forsure about their gun laws .
I live in NY also. Gun laws are pretty liberal here. At least as far as rifles and shotguns go. Our pistols have to be loaded and concealed when carrying. Now NY City is a whole different story.
I would like to know the spec's of this rifle the post said it has 200 to 300
rds. threw it. If it had all USGI parts in it I would be more interested Iam
going to the gun shop tomorrow. Also got a tip about a guy that may have
some M14 parts , so Iam going to pay him a visit.
sounds good....let us know how ya make out
Well, went to check on the hot tip I got, the guy had two stocks, one rear
sights, some garrand parts, some m1 carbine parts, all which was over priced. And to top it off his daughter back into my truck :x and did about 1000.00 worth of damage (which don't take much). Should have stayed
at home. :roll: I swear what us M14 guys go through to find parts. :roll:

Did'nt even get what ya wanted and had a sellers relative smash your vehicle .... :(


I thought the guy could have at least gave me a stock to make me feel better :lol: Her ins. co. wants me commit to a body shop now , and I don't
have a vacation until Oct. and I was planning on going to Knob Creek that
week. Thats my last vacation week for the year,already had two and did
honey do jobs both weeks, I thought I might get a little R&R in Oct.
Didn't want to fool around with a Ins. Co. and body shop. :evil:
Get the insurance company to spring for a rental while yours is in for repair.


Yeah dont sound to bad, rental car that they pay for. :)
The one I got when me and Hawk went to Houston show is just fine, cycles smooth as silk. Shoots right at an inch at a hundred. Only thing I didn't like was the rear sight was a little sloppy, dug in some parts boxes and that problem went away.
Fed Ord M14SA

Just got a Fed Ord M14SA. Seemed like a good deal. $700. for the rifle w/wood stk, a spare fib glss stk, sling, 5 GI mags & 400 rnds ammo. I read where Fulton Arm. says they are unsafe to shoot. Poor quality & workmanship. I'm bummed out cause I sold a nice L1A1 & caught hell from my wife for nothing. I hope I can salvage this deal. I'll have a smith give it a saftey check ie head space etc.. Somebody give me some dope on Federal Ordnance...Please. :?
I've a FedOrd & have had no problem with it.
GI or Chi com parts on Fed Ord M14 SA

Hi Guys,
I took my newest rifle-Fed Ord M14SA. to a gunsmith in Denver. He didn't even want to look @ it or check it out for me. Maybe he didn't know about M14 type rifles. I took it to another shop & the guy imeadiatly field stripped it & began telling me about the parts. It has a GI rear site & GI
op rod & spring guide. The bolt, barrel, & trigger group had no markings of any kind. The stock is GI. Could this be some hybrid-jerry rig with both GI & Chinez parts? Thanx for any ideas. WPTIII
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