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Hey guys im trying to sell socom sage with all these good. Please give me a reasonable price. Already put up in the px, but id like some feedback on my pricing. Asking 3k, but am flexible with the price as i need this baby gone by April. Less than 200 rounds and is in incredible shape. Here are the goodies:
-Sage alcs/cv cerakoted nsg w/sage tan foregrip
-sage Full auto cutout cover
-FDE magpul ctr w/riser
-Tango down pistol grip, rail covers, and vertigal foregrip, and bipod
-M14.ca trigger shoe
-sadlak mag release
-sadlak NM guide rod
-sei bolt release
-sei muzzle brake adapter w/nightsight (can throw in a muzzle break upon request)
-Brand new Larue Tactical 608 mount (yes the very rare one)
-Brand new Larue scope rings ultra low 30 mm
-gg&g sling mount
-Sai carry bag
-sai original black frame w/parts
-various tools (gas lock wrench, piston drills) not the cheap ones


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The ROE prohibit giving values on rifles so you're not going to get any concrete answers on that, but I'll offer some advice - you're probably better off returning your rifle to its original configuration and selling the components individually.
As to the value of your rifle as-is: it's worth worth what you and a buyer agree upon, whatever that number may be. Can't get more vanilla than that! Good luck with your sale.

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I'd like to be of more help but as previously stated, "what it's worth" posts are forbidden on the forum.
Gunbroker, Armslist, Guns America, the PX here, and the like are great resources to see what somewhat current prices are. Good luck in the sale. You can always start high and after periods of time lower the asking price.
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