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Up for sale here is the very sought after (but elusive) M16 (full auto configuration) bolt carrier group from FailZero!!

This BCG is AS NEW! The bolt has never been used, never even been inserted into a rifle. The carrier was run for 40 rounds only with a different bolt (LMT Enhanced, in separate listing) and is basically as new too.

FailZero is the originator of the Nickel Boron finish and their finish is still patented. Nickel boron is a trendy thing these days, and a lot of companies have / want to jump on the band wagen, but.....most of the cheap Nickel boron plated components out there are from anonymous third party venders. IE, automotive plating companies (where AIM gets theirs) and other anonymous finishing and plating companies. The problem is that these people are just mixing nickel with boron without knowing the exact way / formula to do it. The result is a sub par finish without all the true properties of nickel boron with a silvery appearance (true FZ Nickel boron is a dull grey).

The only two companies that KNOW how to do Nickel Boron right are Fail Zero (The originators) and WMD (broke off from FZ). WMD uses a slightly different formula than FZ, their nickel boron is not quite as hard or as slick as FailZero's according to Spikes Tactical, and others.

What are the benefits of Nickel boron? Well, it is harder than hard chrome making it extremely abrasion resistant. It is also very corrosion resistant. The real benefit, however, is that it is so slick, the weapon can operate lube free! Here is some info on the coating itself.

UCT Coatings' EXO Technology: the active weapon advantage.

FAILZERO tactical weapon upgrade parts are treated with UCT Coatings' patented, military-proven EXO Technology. This unique, breakthrough technology creates a permanently lubricious surface, harder than the substrate itself, which eliminates the need for grease, oil, or any wet lubrication for the life of the weapon. Unlike films, conventional coatings and applied lubricants, it will never rub off, never flake off, never build up crud. EXO Technology eliminates wet-lubrication failures of critical components, giving you an "active weapon advantage" under all conditions.
Proven by DoD tests, SWAT teams, tactical experts.

The patented EXOTM Technology used in FAILZERO upgrades has been thoroughly tested and proven effective by UCT Coatings - developer of EXO Technology - and by the U.S. Department of Defense. Test results include:

50,000 lube-free rounds on AR-15s.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

These retail for $225 new!!

Available and Only $200....$175 JULY 4th PRICE CUT!!!!!
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