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It's an easy fix. You do want to correct whatever the eye doc said, but more important than that, it sounds like the onset of presbiopia, so you effectively want a very mild set of reading power built into the lens - how much power depends on your sight radius. AR iron sights and pistol iron sights usually require an added +0.75, while longer rifles, like the M14, require an added +0.50.

The next question is what to do with the lens:
1. I can cut you a pill size lens for $40 that fits in the hood of the rear sight, if you have a NM sight. This is my favorite option, because it is the cheapest, and the lens is always positioned dead center and perpendicular to your line of sight, and is far enough away from your face that it won't fog. The down side is that all your vision correction is in the sight, so you can shoot great, but if your vision requires a strong correction, as soon as you lift your head you have no lens and are blind.
2. I can get you a set of glasses made for $65. Prone shooting means you are looking through the extreme inside corner, which works, but isn't ideal, and glasses are prone to fogging unless you use anti-fog.
3. Bob Jones (bjonessights) had custom frames made for shooters that are basic, but have the nose pads offset, to better center the lens in front of your shooting eye. Looks like Harry Potter coming out of a bar fight. His setup is something like $60 with only a single corrected lens (the other lens is just flat), or $90 if you want two corrected lenses.
4. You can go high dollar and get Knobloch, or similar adjustable shooting glasses. I think the frames start about $125 used, and go up to $300+ new. Again, I can make a lens for those for $40 per lens. These allow you to orient the lens to be perpendicular to your line of sight in prone, however they are not strong, so can get bumped out of adjustment, and they are certainly not strong enough to constitute any sort of eye protection.

Net, the answer is easy, how you implement it has some choices to make.

If you want to start down this path, contact me on email and send me your doctor's prescription, and we can discuss where to go.

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