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Extrator extracting itself from the rifle

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I had the heart-stopping experience of having my extrator eject itself from my SA Loaded M1 after round 603. I disassembled the rifle, re-assembled the bolt and fired a test round (with a piece of string tied to the trigger and everyone 30 feet away from the rifle, which cycled perfectly. I then fired another 10 rounds and everything seemed fine. Of course, I disassembled again to triple check everything and launched the ejector spring, but that's an easy replacement. After reading through several posts on the forum, I take it that extractor breakage is not unsual after several thousand rounds, but has anyone experienced having the extractor detach itself from the bolt with no obvious damage to either itself or the bolt? I have not attempted to disassemble the bolt or do anything "funky" with it. Is this a sign of a particular issue (ammo, gas system) or just bad luck?
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If you have a SA Inc. loaded M1A, it's a common problem with their commercial extractor.

Just install a military M14 extractor and the problem is solved.
If you contact SA Inc. and tell them of the problem, they may send ya a new military extractor since they have 100's of them.

Here's the number

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I recommend folks immediately replace the commercial extractor as part of their prevent maintenance (PM) program. I've seen 'em not last 100 rounds. Some go forever.

-- Chuck
Thanks for the info gentlemen. I'll replace the extractor and keep a spare in my parts kit.
I recently purchased an SA m-21 and had an identical failure after 100 rounds. After firing one shot, the firing pin was dislodged along with the extractor and ejector. I had to disassemble the rifle to get the live roundout of the chamber. Pretty hard to swallow from a $2300 rifle. I sent the bolt to SA and am eagerly awaiting its return. Did SA take care of your problem to your satisfaction?
I actually just invested in a good parts kit and a bolt dis/as tool. When it happens (as it tends to do every six or seven hundred rouns), I just replace the springs and it's good to go...

I had several problems with my m1a bolt, including the roller taking a powder. This all happened within the first few hundred rounds. I finally sent my rifle in to Fulton and had them headspace a new GI bolt and have had zero problems since. Moral of story, Buy the forged LRB rifle with GI parts and pray SOMEBODY starts making forged GI spec parts again and SOON!
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